Easter Sermon Series

Sundays 10:30 AM | April 21-June 2

Did you know Easter is more than one day long? Historically Christians celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus for seven weeks, called “Eastertide.” This year our Eastertide series focuses on who Jesus is.

Christianity is not based primarily on a philosophy or religious ideology, or even the Bible. Rather, it’s based on an event.

Someone was raised from the dead, which is obviously pretty big news. So, what makes this Jesus of Nazareth uniquely qualified to be raised from the dead?

The early Christians were people who were making sense of this radical event. They quickly began to understand four main identities of Jesus, the man.

They proclaimed that he was Son of Man, Son of God, Messiah, and Lord. These words don’t mean what you probably think they mean.

Join us as we discover who this man Jesus really was and is.


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